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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kiss me ,Judas by Jefferson Costa

Esse é um trabalho de um amigo, é o J. C. Um cara MUITO talentoso e gente boa!! Sou fâ do trampo dele.

Faz algum tempo que ele desenhou 200 páginas de uma hq que por complicações jurídicas não saia nunca. Agora parece que foi... Confiram ai as belas páginas.

texto retirado do
dos gemeos Fábio Moon e Gabriel Bá

The next big thing: JEFFERSON COSTA!
Great thing about comics is that you can do anything you want, there's room for all kind of different styles, genres and formats. But with so many stuff out there, it's hard to keep up with everything and even harder to really catch those few gems lost among the independent, less promoted comics. Independent creators have not only to bust their asses to do a great job, but also they have to make the extra effort to promote their own work, even though no one will listen to what that unknown wannabe has to say. I know I had to scream and shout in every way I could for years until someone would look at me.So there's a new comic just about to be released and that can't go unnoticed, Terra Major's new graphic novel, an adaptation of Kiss Me, Judas, the first book of the critically acclaimed neo-noir trilogy Phineas Poe, by author Will Christopher Baer. But the reason this book needs your attention is it's artist, a Brazilian artist called Jefferson Costa. He may have past with no big ado with his 30 page story on the western anthology Gunned Down in 2005, but there's no way he can go ignored with this massive stand-out 272 page graphic novel.Jefferson's compositions are expressive and hold great knowledge of the use of black and white, tremendous balance and deep emotion. If you haven't noticed yet, there's been a great deal of outstanding Brazilian artists working on all kinds of comics in the last 2 decades, from mainstream superstars like Mike Deodato, Roger Cruz and Ivan Reis or up-and-coming creators like Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Grampá. And there's a bunch more where those guys came from.So you might want to take more attention to the talents hailing from our shores and the best way to start doing that is checking Jefferson's work on Kiss Me Judas.This book is available online only and has a limited print run, so reserve your copytoday! You won't regret it.ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY @